Data scientists find and interpret rich data sources and are skilled in mathematics, 统计数据, 和计算机科学.  Students electing this option will take courses and do research in mathematics, 计算机科学, 和信息系统.  处理大型数据集, 他们将建立数学模型, 使用先进的统计方法, and implement machine 学习 algorithms to classify and predict.   In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take
MA230. 回归分析与时间序列
MA314. 数理统计
MA340. 微积分三世
MA499. 高级研讨会
IS221. 编程基础
IS240. 信息系统基础
IS321. 系统分析 & 设计
IS370. 数据库应用程序开发
IS470. 商业智能与大数据
CS135. 计算机科学导论
CS235. 数据科学概论
CS308. 理论的计算
CS337. 算法与数据结构
CS342. 人工智能
一门课程选自AT110. 数字媒体导论,BU230/CO230. 商业对话,BU250 / EN210. 商务与专业写作





Differential and integral calculus of the elementary functions with associated analytic geometry; concepts of limit, 连续性, derivative and integral; applications of the derivative as rate of change, 斜率和求解极大极小问题. Prerequisite: Successful completion of calculus readiness exam, or a grade of C- or better in MA115.
MA208 -离散数学  Introduces basic techniques of proof and combinatorial problem solving.  Topics include graphs, trees, logic, applied combinatorics, and number theory. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MA140.
回归分析和时间序列 This course is an introduction to major methods of applied 统计数据 and time series. Topics include simple and multiple regression, analysis of
方差和协方差, 模型规范和残差分析, 非参数推断, 实验设计, 和多变量分析.
Introduces modeling time series data using smoothing techniques, 回归和自回归模型. 前提条件:完成或同时完成

MA240 -微积分II

Applications of definite integral and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, 集成的方法, 反三角函数的积分, 对数函数和指数函数, 极坐标的使用, 无穷级数, 幂级数, 泰勒级数和傅里叶级数. 前提条件:MA140的C级或以上.

MA303 -线性代数

矩阵, 线性系统, 有限维向量空间, 向量几何, 线性变换, 二次形式. 前提条件:MA240的C级或以上.建议完成MA208.


组合分析, 概率公理, random variables and their distributions including binomial, 正常的, t和f, 估计和抽样, 假设检验, 线性和多元回归. 前提条件:MA240的C级或以上.

MA314 -数理统计

Continuation of 数学 304 with an emphasis on multivariate distributions, 统计假设的估计和检验. Students who complete the course will have the opportunity to be prepared for the first actuarial 统计数据 examination. 先决条件:数学304.


多元微积分入门, 偏导数, 多重和迭代积分, 向量函数. 先决条件:数学240.

MA499 -高级研讨会

应用数学研究. Students create and present a research project under the direction of a member of the mathematics faculty.  前提条件:高中数学专业.
IS221 -编程基础 This course introduces students to the process of creating and implementing typical solutions to business problems requiring computer programming skills and understanding. The main focus in this course will be to help the student understand the basic concepts of computer programming, emphasizing design over syntax in an Object Oriented approach using the Java programming language. (3学分)


This course is designed to introduce students to contemporary information systems and demonstrate how these systems are used throughout global organizations.  The focus of this course will be on the key components of information systems: people, 软件, 硬件, 数据和通信技术, and how these components can be integrated and managed to create competitive advantage.  Students will learn terminology and concepts of Information Systems which provide enabling foundations for interaction between Information Systems and all other functional areas of an organization.  Coursework bridges the divide between technical and nontechnical professionals.

系统分析 & 设计

Advanced study of systems development and modification processes. Emphasis on strategies and techniques of analysis and design for modeling complex system requirements. Use of data modeling tools and object-oriented approaches to analysis and design. Emphasis on factors for effective communication and integration with users and user systems. 前提条件:IS221或讲师同意. 


Focus on the database approach to information resource management and application development. Coverage of data modeling and tools for application development provided by database management systems. Project work using a full-featured database management system. 先决条件:IS270.

IS470 -商业智能和大数据

深入研究各方面的资料收集, 数据提取, and knowledge discovery on the Web for e-business intelligence and other massive databases.  Data mining is the process of automatic discovery of patterns, 变化, 海量数据库中的关联和异常.  This course will provide an introduction to the main topics in data mining and knowledge discovery.  Emphasis will be laid on the algorithmic and systems issues, 以及在现实问题中的应用. 先决条件:IS270.

CS135 -计算机科学导论 

A first 计算机科学 course taken by students in mathematics and science, as well as those seeking the dual-degree program in 计算机科学. Topics include fundamentals of computation and algorithmic problem-solving, 数据类型, 控制结构, 基本图形, the object-oriented programming paradigm and applications. Introduces a high-level programming language such as Python.  先决条件:MA110或同等质量.

CS235 -数据科学入门

CS135的继续.  强调算法分析, 计算数学, 以及高级的面向对象编程(接口), 多重继承). 主题包括抽象数据类型(栈, 队列, 列表, 字符串, 树), 计算复杂度, 递归, 优化, 随机规划, 和蒙特卡罗模拟. 项目 are implemented in a high-level programming language such as Python.  先决条件:CS135

CS337 -算法和数据结构

研究算法和数据结构. 前提条件:MA208或导师同意.

CS342 -人工智能

Introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence. 从启发式搜索技术中选择的主题区域, 知识表示, 符号推理, 模糊逻辑, 规划, 学习, 自然语言处理, 专家系统, 遗传规划, 智能代理, 群体智慧, 和神经网络. 前提条件:MA208和CS337,或征得导师同意. 

AT110 -数字媒体介绍 

This course introduces students to professional technology in digital media and experimental artistic techniques. Students will be asked to explore topics such as digital art, 平面设计, web design and development through the creation of independent digital media projects, 单独, 在组. 课堂会议将包括技术研讨会, 对指定阅读材料的研讨会式讨论, 以及对学生作品的评论. 工作室和讲座. 符合创意艺术通识教育的要求.

BU230/CO230 -商务对话

Students will practice the skills necessary for interpersonal and group communications in a business setting. This includes the use of communication technologies for presentation and meetings. Fulfills the University  Studies Oral Communication Studies Requirement. 
BU250/EN210 -商务和专业写作
在这门课, students investigate the role of writing in various professions and develop problem solving strategies for writing effective letters, 备忘录, 案例研究, 摘要, 报告和简历. This course emphasizes conciseness, clarity and persuasiveness. 前提条件:IN151或同意.