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Millikin模拟法庭 students stand out at Model 生病了inois Government Competition

模拟法庭程序 在Millikin University provides opportunities for student attorneys to engage in different aspects of the law, 比如准备口头辩论, 撰写法律摘要并进行上诉辩护. 密利金模拟法庭的学生们在 2018模范伊利诺伊州政府 (米格)模拟法庭比赛在斯普林菲尔德举行,伊利诺伊州.3月1 - 4.

在整个竞争, teams of attorneys argued before a panel of student justices and legal professionals and were scored on the basis of presentation and knowledge of the case fact.


This year, four teams of Millikin students participated as attorneys at the competition:


  • Madison Burress, a junior psychology major from Marseilles, 生病了., and 亚历山大·埃里克森, a senior music business major from Waterford, Wis.
  • Brian Barker, a sophomore theatre major from Downers Grove, 生病了., and Isaac Hopper, a junior history major from New Lenox, 生病了.
  • Emily Cotner, a junior music business major from Sherman, 生病了., and Lukas Myers, a senior philosophy major from Taylorville, 生病了.
  • Reece Crawford, a junior digital media marketing major from Plainfield, Ind., and Madison Ludwick, a sophomore digital media marketing major from Decatur, 生病了.


的 team of Madison Burress and 亚历山大·埃里克森 reached the semifinal round and finished 2nd overall at the competition.

"Our students worked extremely hard in advance of and during the competition to construct and deliver sophisticated legal arguments,” Dr. 罗伯特·钱哲学教授兼 哲学系 在Millikin. “结果令人印象深刻. It is an honor to work with such bright and motivated students."

Madison Burress received the individual award for Most Outstanding Novice Attorney. 的 award honors the student attorney with the highest cumulative point total over the first four rounds of competition.

"I could not have won the award without the help of my Millikin模拟法庭 peers, 尤其是没有我的协理律师的支持, 亚历山大·埃里克森,”布里斯说. "Moot Court gave me a glimpse of what it was like to be in law school, and gave me experience in the courtroom for my future career as a lawyer. 我学会了如何倾诉案情, 尽可能仔细而彻底地阅读它们, interpret the cases in certain ways and draw comparisons between cases to construct effective legal arguments."


Lukas Myers was honored with the inaugural 罗伯特·钱 Award for Excellence in Brief Writing. 的 award is given to the student attorney who submits the highest quality and most well written legal brief at the competition. 这个奖是为了纪念他而命名的. 罗伯特·钱 to recognize his vision of using written legal briefs to enrich student attorneys' educational experiences and improve the cogency of their legal arguments.

“获得这个奖项是一个巨大的荣誉. I am a much better writer than an orator and I think that is shown by the results of the competition, and speaks to the diversity of skills that the competition fosters,迈尔斯说:“. "I treat the whole Moot Court experience like an in-depth strategy game in which I can try to stretch the case file to work for me."  


除了作为律师参与的学生, Millikin学生Quinn Nguyen, 林肯伍德生物专业的大四学生, 生病了., completed his service as Chief Justice for the 2017-18 Moot Court Competition. Nguyen held numerous responsibilities including working with the case file author to generate the case problem, securing the services of professional attorneys to judge argument rounds, 构建括号, tabulating and announcing results and leading several informational and review sessions at the competition.

“这是一生只有一次的经历, mostly because my position allowed for me to serve students of the state of 生病了inois, 而不仅仅是为我的校园服务,”阮说. ”,, 我得帮忙设计一个事实模式, 了解如何计划和执行模拟, 和理解, 为我自己, 这份工作需要什么样的领导才能啊. From this experience, I learned a lot of management and planning skills."


Nguyen implemented the legal brief competition at this year's Moot Court Competition to improve the competitiveness of oral advocacy.

“当竞争出现的时候, I saw a noticeable difference in how some schools performed when they wrote one of these briefs,”阮说. "的re were schools that did not do well in the past that did extremely well this year. With that, I am in talks with the new Chief Justice to keep the system in place."

布里斯麦迪逊指出, “从动手学习的角度来看, this competition is unique and valuable because it allows students to be in charge of their own learning, 并激励他们做到最好."


的 competition also featured contributions from the following four Millikin University graduates who served as professional justices.

克莱·巴纳尔11年获得了J.D. 2014年从明尼苏达大学法学院毕业. From 2015-17, Baynar served as a law clerk for Judge Susan N. 伯克在亨内平县地方法院. Baynar目前是法官Shirley S. 威斯康辛最高法院的亚伯拉罕森.

16岁的考特尼·布里斯(Courtney Burress)全职工作了一年, paid research intern for the Legislative Research Unit of the 生病了inois General Assembly. Currently, she works for the Fourth District Appellate Court in Springfield, 生病了., 她和法律助理和法官一起编辑的地方, cite check and finalize drafts of the Appellate Court's opinions. Burress plans to attend law school in fall 2019 in the pursuit of becoming a human rights lawyer.


达斯汀·克拉克10年获得了J.D. 2014年从威斯康辛大学法学院毕业. 克拉克在卡荷尔工作,戈登 & 2014-2016年驯鹿在纽约. 他成立了克拉克 & 2016年,琼斯与鲍勃·琼斯在伊利诺伊州拉什维尔合作.他目前在那里居住和实践.

Josh Rose '15 is currently completing his third year of law school at the St. 路易斯大学法学院. 从法学院毕业后, Rose is set to begin work as an associate attorney at Danna McKitrick, P.C.在圣. 路易斯,莫.

Dr. 钱说, "的 willingness of these alums to give back by serving as professional justices elevated the quality of the competition and, 最重要的是, improved the quality of the learning experiences available to all students, 不管他们的机构关系如何."