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Millikin University's Master of Business 政府 (MBA) "Executive" program makes it a priority for students to set a personal goal of improving their business skills by understanding 管理 decisions and developing a business plan.

过去的八个月, teams of MBA students at Millikin put those skills into action by working together to launch their own business plans as part of a "capstone project.“新的一年, Millikin's MBA课程 enlisted executives from the local community to serve as coaches to each of the teams.

Millikin MBA课程

The teams spent months designing their business plans by bringing together the elements of finance, 市场营销, 管理, 领导力和道德. 4月10日, the students presented their business plans to a large audience in the Bob and Debi Johnston Banquet Room on the 3rd floor of the University Commons.

Millikin MBA课程

“几个星期以来,团队都非常努力地工作. It's difficult to come up with a business plan – the students had to develop an idea and put together all the pieces,” Dr. 安东尼Liberatore她是密利金商学院MBA项目主任. “没有脚本可循,没有模式可循. 这是他们工作的高潮."

除了分享他们的计划, the students explained why their businesses are important as well as some of the key components behind them. 晚会以来自 早产婴儿完美, a company that provides an online site that is a one-stop solution for mothers and families of premature babies. 完美早产儿是由伊利诺伊州迪凯特的迈拉·伯里斯开发的.伊利诺伊州斯普林菲尔德的大卫·弗里曼(David Freeman)说.迪凯特的杰琳·哈里斯和马克·斯威尼.  

Millikin MBA课程

The company plans to fulfill the needs of parents with premature infants through an easy one-touch solution that provides a checklist and helps connect parents to their infant's needs once the baby goes home.

"Our mission is to provide an online site that is a one-stop solution for mothers and families of premature babies,”巴里说, 也是早产儿的母亲. "My daughter was two pounds when she was born – having a solution for all your needs is very important."

Millikin MBA课程

该公司网站的特色产品可以购买,如瓶子, 尿布, 不成熟的汽车座椅, 婴儿车和婴儿床. “让ROR平台与众不同的是,ROR平台有早产儿需要的基本东西,大卫·弗里曼说。.

下一个演讲来自 再生根:中西部Barnwood,由伊利诺伊州圣约瑟夫的艾米丽·阿尔伯特开发.埃里克·毕晓普(Eric Bishop)来自伊利诺伊州蓝丘(Blue Mound).以及伊利诺伊州福赛斯的尼克·赫克曼(Nick Heckman). Reclaimed Roots provides all-inclusive services to reclaimed wood from barns throughout the Midwest.

这家公司承担了拆除谷仓的艰巨任务, then reselling the wood to add historic Midwestern charm to a client's home or business.

Millikin MBA课程

"Imagine that you have a barn that you want to take down – it's a lot of work and a lot of time, 所以你转向哪里?赫克曼说. “有30,000 barns in Illinois and 10 percent of those are ready to be torn down right now and in the next five years another 10 percent will be ready to go. We plan to harvest that wood and sell it to markets where people are redoing and redecorating their homes or businesses."

下一个是 马里兰州的王牌 由来自伊利诺伊州克林顿的切尔西·米勒领导.福赛斯的梅根·斯科特和迪凯特的杰里米·伍兹. 马里兰州的王牌 is an online program that offers training materials that are not currently available to medical students to assist them in not only passing their United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 2CS, but also provide a clinical training foundation that will save lives through more thorough patient examination.

在演讲, 王牌的成员, MD say over half of all internationally trained medical students do not receive a residency program match, 什么是他们成为完全授权医疗提供者的关键. The company will offer a subscription of training tutorial videos delivered on-demand electronically to the institutions and the students. 该公司将为医学生提供临床技能培训, 护士学生, 医师助理的学生, 或任何希望学习和精通医疗临床技能的人.

Millikin MBA课程

“王牌代表实现临床卓越,”Jeremy Woods说. “当你在加勒比医学院读书时, 学生将学习书本材料,但他们不会接受临床工作. 然后学生必须去美国.S. to find a school that will allow them to do their clinical rotations which is difficult to do. Many of the problems occur because of their lack of clinical experience and knowledge."

树林里添加, "We want to start a series of videos that will show students proper clinical medical skills. 通过这样做, they can start at an early age in medical school where they can understand the concepts. ROR平台希望将他们的住院医生项目匹配率提高70%."  

迪凯特的杰佛尼·欧文斯提出了她的商业构想 图像去,这款应用可以让人们随时随地享受美容服务.

欧文斯说, trying to find an experienced makeup artist or barber online in a place that you are unfamiliar with can be overwhelming and frightening. The 图像去 App will connect people to its digital marketplace of hundreds of experienced top notch professionals ready to show up at your door.

Millikin MBA课程

"Image Makers is an internet marketplace that connects professionals to beauty consumers who need their services,欧文斯说:“. “ROR平台生活在一个转诊社会. 每个用户都会在Image Maker上找到ROR平台的网站,或者他们会免费下载应用程序, 并且能够预约. We will use a matching algorithm that will match the users based on their personal choices. What we match will be sent to the match professional and they can decide to accept or deny the jobs."

当晚的最后一场演讲来自一家名为 循环, which provides families and their children a safe place to come play, take a class or plan a party. LOOP是由Decatur的Latoya Alexander和mount的Joshua Chamblin开发的. 锡安,生病了.罗瑞娜·梅延贝格(Lorena Meyenberg). 锡安,迪凯特的拉斐尔·佩雷拉.

LOOP是一种逃离积雪的解决方案, 雨还是热, or a chance for parents to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while both toddlers and young kids can burn hours of energy with no time limit. 该公司还提供免费WiFi的轻食. A separate toddler area will give the smaller guests a safe place to play and the open concept playground will allow parents to keep an eye on their kids.

Millikin MBA

密利金提供了一个一流的 MBA课程 designed for those students and professionals who want to take the next step in their academic and professional careers. 与经验丰富的教师一起工作, students will learn how to connect theory with practice to strengthen their overall understanding of the business landscape.

The Millikin "Executive" MBA is a 17-month part-time evening program for professionals who want to advance their careers by developing executive thinking and performance skills. 在这个模型中是一个管理集中, geared toward the working adult with several years of business experience and education, 以及医疗保健管理专业, 适合那些寻求在医疗保健管理部门担任领导职位的人.